Chuck, Paul and Pam lecture and train big and small business on a variety of topics involving personal safety and security. Their time is billed per day at a reasonable flat rate fee plus travel expenses. (Contact Chuck for rates and info).

Training and lectures include meeting with your HR, legal and management team and customizing a program specifically for your business or school. We will work with you to design a unique message that will resonate with your organization.

Some lecture / training topics include:

  • How To Catch A Terrorist Without Hurting Anyone’s Feelings
    (Based upon
    Chuck's published Article)
  • The Database and the Detective – How to use data mining effectively
    (Based upon
    Chuck's published article)
  • How to Build a Basic Information Network
  • Ten Things You Hate About Your Security Guard Provider
  • How to Avoid Target Acquisition in an Active Shooter Situation
  • Stalker Management
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Evaluation
  • Time Is On Your Side – Utilizing Time Zones In Security Models
  • Live Exercise Walk-Through and Security Survey of Your Organization